non skid tape

Our boat is a 1984, #4278. I want to add several strips of 3m's nonskid tape, to areas that normally don't have any. I visualize twice the number of strips on the front & rear decks, as well as strips on the side decks. My feet also slide on the floor. When I do this I'll want to remove the current non skid strips, so everything matches, both in color and traction. What is the recommended methods of removeable. I think a heat gun is probably the answer, followed by Laquer thiner to remove any reisdue.

Last year, I did a complete paint job on #2353. The tape came off surprisingly ease. There wasn't much residue...of course, any residue didn't matter because the next step was sanding. Try easing one off before working too hard.

Careful with a heat gun and fiberglass!

I used and old hair dryer that worked great... easy to get the old tape off.

I'm compounding and polishing the gelcoat on my Scot, 3879, and wanted to remove the old non-skid to do a more thorough job. For me, the hair dryer technique didn't work ... the tape still wanted to chip off in VERY small pieces.

I bought a can of acetone and tried applying it with a rag. This quickly caused the grits on the non-skid to release from the tape backing, but the tape itself didn't come off.

I thought about it for a bit, and figured I'd continue with my polisher/sander and wool bonnet routine. When the deck polishing is done (which is coming along fine, even with the old tape backing in place), I'm expecting to mask right over the 25-year old tape backing, then apply wax, shine it up, remove the masking and apply new non-skid (which will be very easy to line up because I've got the old tape backing to work on top of).

Seems like the best solution in my circumstances, but chime in, anyone, if you think I'm missing something or there's a better way.