2Hp Motor security concerns

I will be using a new 2hp Honda motor on our FS this season and want to sleep at night without worrying about theft. The only problem with the Honda motor is that it is very light weight, and easy to remove from the motor mount, therefore easy to steal. Our boat sleeps at night on a boat lift. I have come up with several ways to prevent theft. I will use Tamper Proof, high security stainless steel nuts. You know, the ones that require a special wrench/key to remove, like the ones used on Alloy Wheels. I will use these to secure the motor mount assembly, to the transom bracket and again to secure the wood block to the motor mount assy, then yet again on the motor pivot bolt. I also had an aluminum plate welded across the transom clamp assy, this will then be bolts to the wood block with those special nuts. Finally I will sandwich a stainless steel plate inside the wood block. If there room once the engine is on the boat, I may even use a chain/lock. Wish me sweet dreams.
Let me know if you think of anything I missed.

Put a beat up canvass cover on the motor. Sweet dreams. FS 3512

It will have a new boat cover and motor cover, hope it hides everything.