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Ok guys, I need some advise. I am new to sailing and have sailed my Scott only twice before the season ended last year. I plan on using a 2hp,long shaft Honda motor this year to expland the use of the boat, sailing-fishing etc. I know about the problem with the Main Sheet fouling on the motor, and had planned to use the Mid Boom Sheeting to avoid this problem. However, I am also considering the Bridle method.
Last weekend I heard of yet another method that sound very promising and it is very simple and inexpensive. The name of the devise is "The Palm." I was told a guy in Florida used it with two motors mounted on his Scott, and it worked great.
Does anyone have any experience with "The Palm? I already have the parts to install it.

Do you have any pictures of the palm? I have seen references to it before but never really a description of what it actually is.

On my boat I am going to install a couple of padeyes on the aft deck with backing plates under the deck. The padeyes are where I will attach the Flying Scot traveler line. They are probably going to be in about 18" from the back of the boat. I am then going to put a boom bail about 18" in from the back of the boom so the block can attach to that when I am using the traveler. Will make it very easy to go back to stock and should clear the motor easily. Have the boom bail still very near the end of the boom should get rid of worries of damaging the boom like what is possible with the mid boom setup.


Let me try an explain what I understand the Palm is. Picture a 3 inch diameter stainless steel ring,(West Marine)installed between the boom and the rudder head, with the double main sheet going through the ring. The main sheet is free to slide inside this ring. Then a 1/4 shock cord is attached to the ring and routed up through a small pivot block on the boom, and through the boom woopie and attached to any existing available hardware. The shock cord is then tensioned to your liking to keep the proper amount of tension on the main sheet. As the boom swings out and then back across the deck, the tension keeps the main sheet from getting to loose and fouling on anything. I was thinking that it may be necessary to install another shock cord from the ring down to the rudder head to keep the ring centered on the main sheet. Sounds to good to be true doesn't it. I will trying my out next week. Wish me luck!

Okay, I installed the Mid Boom hardware, as well as the Palm devise mentioned earlier. We went for the first sail this weekend (with the 2HP Honda installed) to evaluate the two methods. We started out using the Palm devise and were fully prepared to switch over to the Mid Boom method if requied. The wind was blowing 10-13MPH. I can report that it wasn't necessary to switch to the Mid Boom rigging. The Palm devise worked better than expected! I watched the Main Sheet action on several passes, and found that it never even came close to the motor. The boat is also equipped with the 8 inch cable extender on top of the Rudder that FS offers, which also assisted the Palm devise. I would highly recommend this set up, it worked great!

If you have photos of your setup they would be much appreciated...

Keith (FS4049)

Yes, someone show us what you are talking about. Also, post more information about the "Palm"...who manufactures, etc. I've tried a variety of Google searches and came up dry...a lot of goofy things, but nothing useful.

If anyone is interested in more info, they can give me a call, 513 827 1949. Warning, it is very expensive, approx $20.00. I will try to get some pictures. Remember, the 6-8 inch cable extension (available from FS)between the top of the rudder head and the first Main Sheet block, really compliments the action of the "Palm," and is a good idea even without a motor.

I need to clear up a possible mistake in wording I made in the previous posting. The call and info is of course free. The $20.00, I was referring to, is the approxiamte cost of the parts required to install the "Palm" devise. Sorry, if anyone read this wrong.

Please post here where the "Palm" can be purchsed and/or who manufactors it.

Sounds very clever. I'm willing to help get details posted. You could even fax me a sketch & I'm willing to draft up & post. Send e-mail for fax number if you're interested.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I wanted to contact the inventer of the "Palm," to get his permission, before I proceeded.
I need some assistance in get the pictures of the "Palm," as installed on my boat, posted on the forum! My e mail is,, my fax is, 513 891 2669, cell # 513 200 4102

I don't know of a way to post photos.

You could set up a free account with picasa and post the photos there. Then you would just include a link to the photos in your message post.


Here are the photos and descriptions of the palm device provided by Pat Maundrell (aka bigpapaporshe)

Picture #1, shows the blue Main Sheet and Boom Woopie. Note, the 1/4 inch blue shock that is running parallel on top of the MS. This represents the middle section of the "Palm."

Picture #2, shows the end of the shock cord which is wrapped around the Boom Vang bracket. Note, there are several wraps of shock cord, I haven't finished installing the cord's hook yet. It was left like this temporary until I got the tension set correctly. Now I am ready to cut the shock cord to lenght and install the hook.

Pictue #3, shows just shows the blue Main Sheet and 1/4 inch shock cord near the Boom Woopie.

Picture #4, shows the angle of the shock cord. Not a good pic. The pole sticking out of the mail sail is used to roll the sail up on.

Picture #5, shows the Boom Woopie and MS. Note the blue shock cord, and the two Boom brackets, as well as the swivel block. The forward bracket is for the Mid Boom Sheeting that I never had to hook up. I think I will use the bracket to hook the shock cord to, and terminate it there.

Picture #6, shows the Palm ring around the Main Sheet.

FSSA Forum editor

Dear fssa editor,
I am here in Manila, Phiolippines - I am at least the 3rd owner of this Scot. I could not determine the hull number yet as the centreboard cap has been either replaced or painted over and the name plate towards aft is not there.  The mainsail does have a stiched tag sayin Flying Scot Sailing Assoiciation FSSA serial # 1447  ROYALTY PAID..
Anyways, could you repost the photos of the PALM in this post as  it does not appear anymore.  I know it is an old posting.
Warm Regards,
Eduardo Cobangbang

The photos are missing.  Any chance of re-activating the links to the photos?

Posts before 2010 were part of the old web site.
The photos from the old web site are no longer available.

is there an advantage of this palm ring versus the flying scot shock cord that hooks onto the top of the block at the rudder? both pull the mainsheet in toward the center. I am not sure the ring offers an advantage, but does anyone have experience in comparing the two?


Please post where the Palm can be purchased or who makes it.

In the 4th picture provided by the fssa editor a note is made of the pole used to roll the sail up on. I am new to the scot and will be keeping my boat on a lift and would like to keep the sail on the boom and cover with cockpit cover. I have been trying to figure out the easiest way of rolling and securing the sail to the boom.

Thanks for the pictures of the bull ring. Looks like a great idea .... I did not see where the ring may be purchased. And what length of elastic cording does one need to rig similar to the photos?


Jay Carlson

With regards to the question on the Palm and the shock cord on the Rudder head/tiller. These two shock cords are designed to do two different things. The Rudder head/tiller kit is intended to keep the Main Sheet from being caught on the Rudder's head. The Palm, on the other hand is designed to keep the Main Sheet from getting caught on a motor, if one is used. The inventer of the Palm wasn't happy that I used both shock cords together. In my opinon, I think they compliment each other. Keep in mind however, I have only been sailing a short time, but I have discussed different techiques with more experience sailors.

I want to add an update on this topic with the benefit of my one year's experience using the "Palm." I have sailed all year with the "Palm" and the motor mounted on our FS. It worked great 100% of the time! We never had any problems with the main sheet getting fouled on anything. I removed the motor and the "Palm" for the last few weeks to try my hand at racing, which went okay. However, I re-installed the motor to make getting boat out for the season a little easier, but didn't re-install the "Palm." As luck would have it, I entered a race the last day with the motor installed, and found the main sheet did get fouled on the motor three different times. There is no question that the "Palm" does its job perfectly, I won't sail again without it!
One more point I wanted to mention. I saw several other sailors getting their main sheets fouled on the rear corners or the rudder head of their FS this season, that were not using motors. I plan on using the "Palm" all the time next season, with or without the motor, to prevent this situation. I don't see a down side to using this inexpensive and simple item.

OK it seems like a lot of folks have asked where one buys this thing. It sounds like you make it from parts at West Marine...

Why is is called the "Palm" Device?


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

The parts to make one can be purchased at almost any marine store. All you need is a lenght of 1/4 shock cord, 3" stainless steel ring, one small block, one small strap to fasten the cord to.
It is called the "Palm," in honor of the guy who developed it. He has sailed his FS for years, first in Ohio, then Florida, and now North Carolina.

Did you ever put a hook at the end of your palm bungee line? Do you know what length bungee you finally ended up with after you completed your rig? Do you think you could attach the bungee line to the ring with a knot instead of using a thimble? How did you attach the thimble to the bungee cord?

That outta do it for Q's. Thanks Papa.

Thank you very much for the beautiful pix & explanation(s) of the "PALM" . I will try it this week if I can find a large enough SS ring to do the job . I have lots of shock cord . I will also need to make up an 8" extender for attachment to the mainsheet block & tiller. So glad to learn that I will be able to stop the mainsheet from snagging on the transom. Bill

Am I the only one a bit worried about a stainless steel ring on a shock cord at eye level? Is the mass important for the function of the "Palm" or could a lighter material such as nylon suffice?

I believe a steel ring was chosen for its low friction, strength, and availability. A ring of alternate materials with at least the first two characteristics should work just as well.

dave boling
Huntsville, AL

I what to make sure you select the stainless steel ring! The steel was selected because it will work the best!! The weight of the ring is very important. It gravity/the shock cord that makes the Palm devise work. It is gravity that pulls the ring down on the main sheet, and centers the ring when it detects slack in the sheet, and then the shock cord pulls the sheet in, thereby removing the slack, which keeps the main sheet from getting caught on anything.

I installed the "Palm" a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It took a few tries to determine the correct length of shock cord but once that was determined, it works really slick! Thanks, bigpapa!

Bonny & Doug Smith