mast wind indicator

As a novice, I am not sure of the value of the mast wind vane. Why not just use the shroud telltales? Looking up to see the mast indicator you are just breaking your neck to see. Anyone....please advise.

I had both for a while. The shroud telltales didn't held up for me very long. But they are cheap enough to replace. For me the wind vane was more accurate and gives me better information. So I gave up on the shroud telltales and use the wind vane on top of the mast along with the telltales on the sails.

Why not try out both for yourself. Most likely you already have the mast wind vane and the shroud telltales are easy to install. Don't forget the sail telltales.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Just carry an old cassette in your spare parts tub and just retie another strip if somehow it is missing....can't get any cheaper than that.

Apparently, the worse the music that was on the tape, the more effective the telltale.




In that case, I would probably want to use 8-track tape. [:D]

dave boling
Huntsville, AL

Get the wind indicator for the top of the mast. You get more "useful" information from it than the old tape on the shrouds.


Actually, you need both. Mast head and shrouds. Mast head I usually only use for downwind work, shrouds for upwind. But, the most important tell tales are the ones on the sails. The sails are your motors, you need to know what the flow is doing there.

One of the most effective telltales is one placed at the center of your spinnaker pole. Gives really good feedback to the spinflyer. You never can have too much information. A good lightweight indicator at masthead, wool or tape on the shrouds, wool or tape on the spin pole, well placed tells on main and jib. You need them all.
John in Newburgh

John McLaughlin
Customflex #1554

Shroud telltales are not accurate. They are affected by wind across the main. A masthead fly is accurate. What's best is to feel the wind on the back of your neck. Marc and Marcus Egan, probably the best sailors in the class, don't use either shroud telltales or a masthead fly. What does that tell you?

J. Lott
FS 5698

That they probably use a Tac Tic compass? [:)]

Jeff and Amy Linton win with no masthead fly at all.

Downwind we use the telltale on the pole topping lift and the windward shrouds.

Upwind we only use the jib telltales and Tac-tick.