Mainsheet hangs on rudder? Not anymore

Howdy Yall,

I finally did something about the mainsheet hanging on the rudderhead. A couple of experiments with knots and duck tape proved promising, so I made a very simple system which so far has kept the mainsheet off the rudder 100% of the time. We like it so much I made a video showing how I did it,


Love the Flying Scot

I have seen, and enjoyed several of your videos, you do a very good! I noticed however, that in your video of the rudder head modification your Main Sheet did get fouled up on the corners of the boat twice. You might also want to install the Main Sheet extender (available from FS)on the top of the rudder. It consists a of a 6-8 inch cable extender and a clear rubber hose to keep the Main Sheet off the rudder head and off the corners of the boat. The previous owner of my boat had installed it, but I didn't fully understand, or appreciate the benefits until last weekend, when I used it, in conjunction with the "Palm devise. The Palm devise keeps tension on the Main Sheet and prevents any fouling! I sail with a 2hp motor. No fouling of any kind.

What is a Palm Devise?

Please refer to the Rigging section of the forum for a description of the Palm devise.