Swim ladder grab rail mounting

Hi All,

I just bought #4259 which is my first Flying Scot.

It has the Swim ladder grab rail installed, but is loose and appears to be poorly installed. Small flat washers were used as backing under the deck causing the washers to indent into the balsa core slightly. Not too bad, but enough to loosen things up. The holes were drilled quite a bit over size which also leads to more movement. The core appears to be nice and dry, so no damage there.

Does anyone have instructions or know how the rail is supposed to be installed? I'd like to know how Flying Scott intended the installation before I get to repairing it.


Harry and crew at the factory can probably send the instructions to you. They are very helpful. The only problem I see is if the design of the ladder and grabh rail has changed.

Smooth sailing!

I got the kit with the grab rail last year, and it came with big flat washers (about 1-1/4" I would guess)

The instructions also stated that you should seal the balsa in the drilled holes with Gelcoat or resin. I used epoxy if I remember correctly. I then bedded the holes and the little rubber gaskets between the handle and the deck with silicone sealant.

If you check with Dee at the factory, she could probably send you the installation instructions.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086