Centerboard trunk shims

I'm in the process of upgrading 2222. I was told shimming the centerboard trunk greatly improves upwind performance. Is there any particular method that is favoured for doing this? Thanks!

Fred and Mara Liesegang

I recently shimmed my cboard trunk. I got the instructions from Flying Scot Inc. The directions are 2 pages long, detailed and if I can do it anyone can. My upwind performance has improved, but the big difference is in "choppy" water. The rig dosen't bounce around nearly as bad.

Were those directions on line? I cant find them under the How to section. Thanks,

Byron Jamerson
FS 4019

I called Harry Carpenter at Flying Scot Inc. and they sent the directions to me, I also ordered a new centerboard gasket.

Speaking of centerboards....does anyone have safe instructions on how to put my centerboard back in my boat. The previous owner removed it for repair.



BA Smith

There are 2 ways:
1) slide the boat off the trailer onto a lawn and roll it on its side. Slide the board in, hook it up to the cable and secure it in the up position and then roll it back upright and put back on the trailer.
2) the easiest way is to get 2 guys, a baseball bat or other sturdy pole, and a strong piece of line. Put the boat in the water, tie it to the dock. Remove the wheels from the top of the board, run the line through the holes, tie line securely to bat or pole. Have 2 guys lift board in position over centerboard trunk, slide board in and remove line, reattach wheels and attach cable. Go sailing!
Good luck!

I may be misunderstanding the previous post.

To reinstall the board with the boat in the water the rollers should be installed on the board. For lifting, a line can be attached to the through bolt holding the rollers. The board is lowered into the trunk from above until the rollers come to rest on the top of the trunk. Without the rollers in place the board could fall out of the bottom of the trunk.

You're right Dave, just tie the line to the bolt, I was in a hurry and didn't think it through. Thanks Dave.

Please don't remove the rollers as there is nothing to keep the board from slipping through the slot. I have, in the past, used the main halyard with a stainless steel winch crank to assist in lifting the board in or out with the boat in the water. The key here is ASSIST, as you still need a couple of strong people to manage the board.

Stinger3009 is incorrect that removing the rollers is necessary for this evolution. The only time that would be necessary is if the boat were on its side and you were moving the board through. the slot from the bottom

Bob New
FS 5143
Merritt Island Florida
Fleet Captain Fleet 179