Comfortable life Jackets

I have just purchased a used Scot and will be picking it up in late April. In prepartion I would like to begin putting together needed life jackets and accessories. I would be interested in know what approved life jackets afford maximum comfort for plus size men? Where would the best place to purchase recommend life jackets. Also what other accessories prove to have value on a boat such as the FS? Any strong thoughts on the mast floatation device offered by FS?

Open to other thoughts and suggestions to a new Flying Scot owner.

Thanks, in advance.

I have some jackets from Extrasport and they are quite comfortable. I also have a jacket that was made for fishing by Stearns. Our local LL Bean seems to have some good values on PFD's as well. Try on a bunch.

Several folks in our fleet have the mast float, which is designed to prevent the boat from turtling. It also seems to prevent swamping somewhat.

Most of our fleet has added the bow flotation, the transom port, and most have the mast flotation. It doesn't seem to slow down the boat.

The bow bag and the transom port are becoming required for class races sometime soon.

Also we found that adding the swim ladder makes getting the crew back in the boat much easier if you capsize.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086