Flying Scot with Wood Trim

Don't think I am crazy, but I like the style and character of wood on a sail boat. Has anyone ever seen Wood trim on a FS, other than the C/B cap, Mast Tabernacle, or Jib sheet blocks on the deck. I would like to consider adding either Teak or Mahogany trim, ie rub rail, seats, combing, maybe the floor. Since the thickness would only be 1/4 to 3/8, I thinks it might add 20-30 lbs max, but the warmth would be worth it. I am not a serious racer so the aditional weight won't kill me. The FS would look good with a little wood trim. What do you think.

Big Papa,

I own a wooden sailboat and you are correct . The warmth of wood is very inviting .

If you can do a quality job with the woodwork , a smaller amount of Mahogany trim to balance off the white fiberglass would look great on a Scot .

Smooth Sailing