Lifting a Scot into the water

Hi All,
At this point I'm still looking to buy my Scot but before I do that I want to build the dock to put it on. I'm looking for information on what kind of peramiters I'm dealing with. My questions at this point are regarding the lifting point. How far is it from the back of the trailer wheels and how high is it above the ground? I'm trying to figure out just what I need in a davit and where I need to put it on the dock to be able to move the boat from dock to water. Thanks in advance for your input.



Have you seen the Flying Scot lifting bridle? It attaches to the aft end of the centerboard trunk, goes up over the boom, and forward to a bolt that goes through the tabernacle, just behind the mast base. There is a ring in the middle, and the boat balances well. Earlier versions were a stainless cable and the newer versions are webbing strap, which apparently is easier on sails, as it passes over the boom.

I'm sure Harry or Dee at Flying Scot can give you the dimensions you need.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086