Thinking about Scot


My crew and I are considering this boat. Our primary interest is racing.

Some background--we have successfully raced a small keelboat (26 ft)for about five years. The problem is that the boat was supposed to be reserved for cruising and now the wife is not happy. She proposes to buy a real cruising boat and sell the 26-footer.

That's fine with me (and crew) but we want to stay into racing. The Flying Scot looks like it would be fun.

Any comments on what we should expect and how to shop a boat are welcome. Is tis a difficult transition?

Thanks for your comments.



The Flying Scot has got a great class association and a very supportive builder in Flying Scot Inc. There are lots of fleets, from the Great Lakes states, down the Eastern Seaboard and over to Texas.

Check out the FSSA web site for fleets, and the link to the builder. There is a guide to buying a used Scot on the builder site. About the only good way to ruin a Scot is to get water in the Balsa core. This seems to happen in two ways:

The older boats seem to have problems sometimes with the boom crutch socket. The other way I have heard is from water freezing and refreezing in the boat, that this can create havoc. It is pretty easy to check for soft balsa, by tapping on the hull. This is all described on the Flying Scot site.

Most of the fleets have resident Scot experts who can guide you and often know of a local boat for sale, that they would like to keep in the fleet. Scots are built like tanks, and with nearly 6000 built, you can usually find a decent boat.

Harry, Karen, Carrie and Dee at the factory are very helpful, and I am sure they could build you a new boat. That's the easy way to find one.

What area of the country are you in?

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thanks Phil:

In western New Jersey. There are 2 fleets I know of nearby--at Spruce Run resevoir and at Lake Nockamixen.

We currently sail out of Raritan Yacht Club in Perth Amboy.




See this site...

Flying Scot Racing is run by Dan Neff...he deals in new and used Scots, and he's also a FS factory rep.

...he's very close to you...South of luck...

FS 4049

Keith (FS4049)


Keith is right, Dan Neff is very knowledgable, and can help you find a good boat.

I live in eastern PA, near Allentown, and I sail at Lake Nockamixon, in Bucks County, about 1/2 hour north of Philly. We have a Challenge of the Lakes Series, that we jointly hold with the Hunterdon Sailing Club. Generally , we go to Spruce Run twice and they come to Nockamixon twice, for a 4 race season series.

We have about 30 Scots in our club, which is fleet 163. We have racing nearly every weekend for Scots, and informal practice races every Wednesday, from April through October.

The Scot fleet at Spruce Run Seems to be growing, and it's a great group.

Hope to see you for the Challenge of the Lakes, with HSC, this spring.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086


I didn't notice the first time through that Nockamixon was one of the "close" fleets.

At HSC Chet Ensign and Dave Sell are very active in the Scot fleet.

At NSC, Mike Noone is the Club Commodore and is very active in the Scot fleet.

I got into racing Scots two years ago, and Mike has been very helpful. Bert Van Englen is the fleet Captain.

If you look at the newlettter under communications, on the NSC site, you can get an idea of the high level of activity and enthusiasm at NSC.

If you have questions about NSC, send me an email directly with your contact info and I would be glad to talk to you.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thanks Keith and Phil,

The links are very helpful. I will wait for the weather to break so I can get out and sail one of these boats. It turns out that the daughter of one of my crew was taking lessons on a FS at HSC, so it will be easy to get on one of their boats.