Bow Floatation Bag Straps

The straps that retain the bow floatation bag in my boat have turned to dust (literally). Is there any restrictions in the racing rules as to what material is to be used on these straps? I have some barely used straps that were the driver's harness my race car (sold the car to go sailing [:D] that are stronger than the original strap material, and, best of all - I already have the material in-hand.

dave boling
Huntsville, AL

The official place to check the rules is the Handbook found on the FSSA website under FSSA -> Handbook.

From a quick glance I didn't see any restrictions on the straps for the bow flotation bag. But there are restrictions on the straps for the foam flotation that is under the seats. My guess is that its OK to use the straps you have.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA