Midboom conversion

I have run across a few comments about how drilling the extra holes for the additional block in conversion to midboom sheeting raises the danger of weakening the boom structure. I wonder if anyone has tried to do this conversion without adding the extra block on the boom. How about replacing the existing midboom block with the becket block from the end of the boom and adding the single block on the centerboard cap (which you would do anyway for the conversion) so that the mainsheet would begin at the becket on the boom, run down to the single block and back up to the block on the boom and then down to the swivel block on the centerboard cap. Would there be enough purchase to control the boom? And by not drilling those extra holes would it eliminate the possibility of weakening the boom?

The comments I have seen regarding mid-boom sheeting had more to do with whether the structure of the boom was up to applying such a load in the middle of the boom. I don't know that hardware that will fit into the mounting hole for mid-boom block is of sufficient diameter to handle the stress involved. Enlarging that hole will weaken the boom to some extent, but I think it would take a detailed analysis to gain a reasonable approximation of the ultimate strength of the modified boom.

dave boling

I have ordered the Mid-Boom kit from FS, and will install it this Spring. The reason for doing this, is because I plan on using a 2HP Long Shaft-Honda Motor, which will greatly expland the use of the boat, on light wind days, as well as on no wind days. I have to think, that since FS has this kit available, it will work as expected! I see no reason to reinvent the wheel, since FS has already done it for us.

I mentioned in a previous reply, that I was going to install the Mid Boom modification this spring. However, I am getting cold feet, and we are concerned about damaging the boom. I know other manufactures use this method as standard rigging, but their booms are designed from the start to use the Mid Boom rigging. From what I understand,the FS's boom isn't designed from the get go, but rather as a after thought to use it. At this point I will try the "Palm" method first, if it doesn't work as expected, I will try the bridle method. We really want to use a motors, but don't want to damage the boom in the process. The Mid Boom modification will be a last resort. We do not intend to do any high performance sailing, so the Mid Boom will probably work for the sailing we will be doing.

I have been happily using factory installed mid-boom sheeting for the past three years. I usually sail single handed so I know I am not stressing things as much as those with a full crew, but I have nothing but praise for the set-up.

Lake Norman, NC