Gelcoat repair or coating

I have a Scot that has gelcoat cracks on the fore and aft decks. I am too far from the factory to return the boat for repair. What have others used to repair the gelcoat, or what products can be used to re-coat/paint the decks? I have hear of Interlux Brightside mentioned as a deck paint. Does it contain grip materials, and will it seal the deck sufficiently to prevent moisture intrusion?


dave boling

dave boling

I've used this gel coat repair kit to fix some chips on my boat. Matching the color is always a bit difficult so on my job you can see the repairs if you look closely. The repairs help up quite well for a couple of years now. Some are under the water line (dark green) and some on the white deck.

West Marine has it for $40. Other stores carry these kits, too.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Thanks for sharing your painting experience. Just curious--did you thin the Brightside before applying it? If so, how much?

Caution about using Brightside. It goes on well and looks glossy and nice but does not hold up well, at least not in the Florida sun. A deck painted with it will weather badly in about 2 years.