Flying Scot Manual or Book

I am a new owner of a FS. Is there a paper manual or book I can read to learn about the boat, rigging information, sailing tips, etc.? Or maybe a PDF I can download and print?
I've found webpages on the Internet, but I'm looking for something I can read away from my computer. Thanks.

Best place to start is to become a FSSA member and register your boat. You will get a FSSA handbook and Roster which will give you information about these great boats.

I printed the pages from (how to section) which helped the first few times I set up. Get the collection of articles from Scots n Water. there is a ton of information in there.

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Im sure "Highlights of Scots in Water" available on FSSA website can be ordered and very helpful.

Wasn't the book Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher recommended in the past? I never read it so I can't say anything good or bad about the book.

If you are standing in front of your newly purchased boat and don't have a clue how to set it up for sailing, then you can either:
ask an local Flying Scot owner to help and show you
read the How-To section of the Flying Scot Inc. web site.
Call Flying Scot Inc. and ask for the video they have. It is a good starting point on setting up (rigging) the boat if you don't have a clue.
various video clips about the flying scot

If you know the basic but want to improve then the following might be interesting:
Highlights of Scots 'n Water
subscription to Scots 'n Water by becoming an FSSA member.
reading this forum
reading the old forum archive
reading the mailing list archive (requires subscription)
North Sails Tuning Guides
if you race you should know the The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2005-2008
if you never raced but are considering it then Flying Scot Regattas Explained might help you get off the starting line
last but not least - sail, sail, and sail some more

Remember, you can print web pages too. (File -> Print or Ctrl-P)

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Greg Fisher's book is more about improving your racing skills and boat tuning. It is a great book, and I found it very helpful, after I knew the basics of how to rig the boat.

My initial instructions came from the Flying Scot Inc website, where there are rigging directions.

I found that joining my local fleet was the most helpful. The fleet is very interested in the success of local Scot sailors, so they are very helpful.

Look at the FSSA website. Most fleets welcome racing and crusing members, so don't worry that you wouldn't be welcome if your primary interest is day-sailing.

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Old Forum Archive
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I find it useful to go back to the old archive on occasions as it contains some knowledge by people that might not be any longer at our forum. And the Flying Scot being a one design boat things really don't change that quickly.

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