Mainsail care

two questions:

1. we have been using shock cords to tie up the mainsial around the boom for storage. seems too tight and harsh on sail, why not use velcro straps, can adjust tension without too much pressure on sail. thoughts??

2. got mice into boat in storage and chewed parts of mainsail. we set traps. but wondering if some other way of preventing entrance into boat so they don't nail the mainsail again advice?

One solution for Mice is to use moth balls. For years we have put a few moth balls in a zip lock baggie and put a few holes in the baggie. As long as the boat is covered with a fairly tight tarp or the like it keeps that annoying moth ball odor in the boat. I get my sails cleaned/stitched yearly at a local sail loft so I don't have any direct experience of how it would work here.

With our power boat we put one baggie of mothballs in each compartment or closed space (including under the cowl of the engine). We've had no problems so far. I just buttoned up the Scot last week - I thought two bags were plenty. In the Spring, I collect all the baggies and put them collectively in a bigger baggie and just use them again next year.

I am thinking you are talking about "winter storage"? If so why not just remove the sails for the winter from the boat and place in a safer place???? seems simple.........I just removed all but the spinnaker pole and the mast from the boat today......I think this winter I will leave the mast onboard (down position)leave my summer tarp over it (we trailer the boat and i use a 20x10 heavy duty top when in the yard over the boat) and build an A-frame over the boat and put the new 30x20 tarp over it..........that'll give me 5ft overhang on each end approx..........always searching for better winter stowage up her in New England

John Blanchard
Exeter, RI
FS 618

not winter storage...but summer storage between uses on the lake. why not use velcro strips to hold the main around the boom instead of shock cord. any thoughts?

I don't see why not. The thing I might be worried is that the velcro comes apart. Don't the shock cords already apply pressure to the sail?

We flake our main over the boom and use nylon bands with plastic snaps much like this one:

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA