Drilling holes in the transom

If I change out the motor mount (four existing bolt holes to patch, three new holes to drill-all holes in about 24" area), will the transom be weakened?

The motor mount area is thick and very strong. I recently cut the 4" hole for the transom port, just above the waterline strip and just to the left of the rudder, and this seems like one of the thinner areas of the transom. It was solid glass, about 1/4 inch thick.

The motor mount area seems thicker, as the transom seems to have a plywood core in that area. Unless your holes are very close together, I wouldn't worry about strength.

My boat is a Douglass, from 1985.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I recently removed the old motor bracket with 4 holes ......Patched them with epoxy and installed the newer 3 hole style bracket ....The transom is already reinforced in this area......It was very easy to do....Steve Ungberg #820

Phil and Steve,
Thank you for your prompt and reassuring replies.
Tony Purcell #2343