Possible jib sheet cntrbrd trunk mount ???

Guys,I have an angled wood block just forward of my mainsheet cleat on the top of my centerboard trunk. I'm thinking of a way to make windward jib sheeting easier, for singlehanded use (keeping my normal fairleads, but not using the cam cleats that are directly in front of them). Has anyone heard of or seen an angle mounted, swiveling cam cleat that would sit just fwd of the main sheet blocks (maybe 6 inches or so), that would accommodate a jib sheet? Thereby making it easier to honk down on the jib sheets from the captain's position, and not have to reach way over to the leward side to get to 'em?

Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks!

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I'm currently doing what you'd like to do using 2 Ronstan swivel cam cleats (RF67) on the centerboard trunk. I staggered them about 4"-6" to allow them to swivel without interferring with each other. I also changed out the original FS turning blocks on the slides to Harken 2-1/4" to give the jib sheet a better angle to the trunk.

Here's a previous thread on the subject: http://www.fssa.com/fsforum2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=573

I can probably send you some pictures early next week if you want.

Glen (FS2101)

Glen, that would be great. Pics would help illustrate your idea for me. The replacement blocks - are they then angled, or does the Harken sheave provide that angle you were looking for? And, further to that, do you plan to still use the cam cleats that are just inboard of the blocks - I think I'd still want them there for when I have a crew with me.

Having the angled ronstans would surely help with singlehanding, though! I look forward to seeing those pics when you can get them - thanks!!!



I have some pictures of the rigging, but I believe I have to send them to a personal email address. I don't think I can attach pictures or files to the thread.

Glen (Sayville, NY-FS2101)

when i replaced the old c/b cup with a new one - i added two simple "duck" cleats on top of it: one about five inches above the mainsheet swivel - which i'm using for the jib (no need for two - one sheet for every heading...) and another a few inches below the c/b slot - which is mainly used for c/b roller line or other.
the jib ratchet suply enogh power to use this kind of cleat.
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