Carbon fiber boom

We now find many web site showing how to build (i mean home made) carbon fiber boom, spinnaker pole and even mast.

Anybody has experience with this for the Flying Scot? I am looking for information on the number of carbon fiber layers for an FS mast ?

Thank you
Robert FS702 Montréal

FYI: Both the mast and the boom must be made of aluminum in order to be class legal. The spinnaker pole can be made out of any material.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

I made a carbon spinnaker pole from parts acquired at APS. The 1 inch diameter tube is quite light and easy to handle--you can hold it at one end flick it around like a fencing foil. It does flex a bit when close-reaching in stronger winds, but has never failed in three seasons of hard racing. No flex when running/broad-reaching in strong wind, as the compression loads are smaller. The 1.25 diameter tube would be stiffer if you do a lot of reaching, but with the trend to windward/leeward courses, this point of sail is sadly going out of fashion.