Racing crew weight

Thinking about getting into fs class and would appreciate a little

What is generic "ideal" skip/crew weight total for racing?

Ed H

Greg Fisher from North says 360 to 450 lbs in his trim guide. I have found the boat to go well on the light end of the range in light winds, and the heavy end to be an advantage, with three in the boat in heavy air.

If you are new to racing the Scot, North has some good stuff from Greg on the Flying Scot page of their One Design site. It's good reading no matter whose sails you use.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

The ideal crew weight depends on where you sail. Virtually everyone sails with a total of two in the boat on the Chesapeake bay which is noted for light winds. Even when there is wind, if it is from the North it will die out by the end of the day. On the Gulf and in florida there tends to be a three person norm for crews. - Gabor