core drying


I recently bought FS3533 knowing I would need to replace some rotted core. After exposing part of the core I found 3/4 of the balsa rotted with the rest in solid shape. But, the core on good shape is wet like a soaked sponge. My question is; can this balsa be dried and what would be the best method to do it?

Thank you

I had to dry the core in my boat as well. I put a dehumidifier in the boat and put my traveling cover on and let it run. It dries out quickly this way, you should notice a big difference in a day or two. I think I ran it for a week or so then did the glasss work.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the advice, will I need to cut off the remaining gel coat/glass covering the balsa core up to the pyramid section or will this dry?


Not sure where you mean, but I would say that you should expose the core wherever it is wet in order to thoroughly dry it out. Good luck.