Garaging a Scot

Does anyone know the length of a Scot on a trailer? I'm trying to determine if I can fit one in our garage...

The mast is longer that the trailer and boat, the mast is 25 ft 7 1/4 inches

FS 1385

You can hang the mast from the ceiling easily on a diagonal - just screw a couple of hooks into a solid rafter and use a loop of line. As for the length on the trailer - it depends on the trailer. I have a Tee Nee and the tongue is relatively short. It will fit in my garage - but I cant tell you how long it is right off. What type of trailer do you have? I'd be happy to measure if its the same as mine.


Byron Jamerson
FS 4019

Thanks for the replies...I don't have a Scot...yet...but I'm trying to anticipate storage...would love to keep it at the house to enable work, etc. I have a 2-car garage and only use one side (wife's car), and I was thinking I could keep the boat on the other side. My outdoor storage is zero to none unless I rent space somewhere. Thanks for the tip on hanging the mast...I'll keep pondering...


My garage has internal dimensions just shy of 23x23 and my boat fits straight in (without the mast) on its Trailex trailer but there's not much room to spare. The boat fits easily on the diagonal with the mast onboard.


But it is hard to get much an angle if you have an automatic garage door opener.