Lifing FS on davits?

My wife and are the new proud owners of FS#2831 which we just towed from MI to VA. Figured the old girl might like a taste of salt for a change (the boat that is).

We have the chance to keep the boat on a pair of davits that are about 15 ft apart. Any thoughts on lifting points that exist on the Scot? I read the thread on the lifting bridle (which I wasn't aware even existed...), but that sounds like it may be for a temporary move of the boat rather than a long-term lift.

I was thinking of a sling right around the aft end of the cockpit and a hook through the bow eye. Would this work? Anyone else have experience lifting a FS on a pair of davits?


I painted my FS 0803 this spring and spent much thinking
space on how to lift the boat. i decided against the lifting
procedures as to dangerous for life and limb. I used a 15 ton
house jack [only in Maine] to lift the boat several inches on
my trailer. I was able to completely paint the bottom of the
boat without sending my boat airborn. Good luck!

Hard Starboard; FS#0803