Another prospective buyer

I have recently moved to the Lake Nockamixon area (Geigel Hill Road, Ottsville, PA) and am interested in sailing on the lake. The Flying Scot seems like a good choice for me and this lake, however I have no experience with this boat. I would relish a chance to sail with someone in the #163 fleet for a short bit to confirm my beliefs. I am also interested in any boats for sale locally rather than buying a new one.

Art Hart

Hey Art:

I keep a Flying Scot at the lake and you are right it is a great boat for racing at the lake. The Flying Scot and Thistle fleets are the largest at Nockamixon. If you have never sailed either, the Flying Scot is more stable, heavier and very family-friendly. The Thistles are more tender, take a more agressive hiking style and respond to breeze quicker, in short a more athletic style.

I bought a Scot to sail with my family last year and have been learning to race it. The Club has a great schedule of races, and I am currently focusing on the Sunday and Challenge of the Lakes series.

Mike Noone, of Fleet 163, generally knows of a Scot or two for sale in the area, and several of the Scot fleet would be glad to advise you on condition, etc. I'd be glad to take you out, if we happen to be there at the same time. You may want to try Wednesday nights. There is a group of sailors who race informally on Wednesday nights. I would bet money that arriving at 4:45 PM and offering to crew would get you a ride. Check the NSC web site and the yahoo email list for upcoming stuff.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086