Spinnaker Take-up Reel

Does anyone have any ideas (bright or otherwise) on how to change the line on a spinnaker reel? I can't find a way to take it apart w/o destroying it. I've tried spliciing the new line to a short length of the old I left on the reel, but this really isn't woking well.
Any thoughts?[?]

I have used since '86 the clothesline reel that I bought at KMart. I simply cut off the line and left enough sticking out to attach (using nautical knot technology) my spinnaker halyard. This halyard is 5/32" line and it has worked very well for me. The key might be the size of the halyard line you are using if "splicing" isn't working.


John, FS4177

Emmett, I replaced my line at the start of the season. You are right, you can not get the reel all the way open. I used a junior hacksaw and cut off the rivets holding the reel together at the outside. I believe these also held the bracket that holds the reel to the woodwork. Once removed, you can open the reel far enough to cut the old line out and thread the new line in to the slot. A knot in the end of the line, stops it comming out of course. You need three hands, but it is easier than it sounds. When finished, I used small screws to hold the bracket on the reel.

STOP. Do Not cut the rivets. All you need to do is pull the line all the way out until you see how it attaches to the reel. Then cut/drill/score/hot knife an approx. 1" dia. hole through the side of the reel. Use a visegrip to hold the reel in the fully unreeled position. Reach through with side cutters and nedle nose plieers and remove the old line and replace with new. When done put a piece of duct tape over the hole.

The hole is also a great way to get some lubricant onto the center spindle of the takeup reel.

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of the small hole, and think I'll give it a shot.

I am replacing my take up spool because of spring problems. Is it a 20 foot capacity one or a 40 foot? I see both online.Thanks