Jib ratchet parts

After going out for the first time this season (about a month ago) I found one of the Jib ratchets doesn't ratchet. There looks to be a cam missing inside. Any ideas where I can get a replacement?? Do I need to replace the whole mechanism?? Also found both blocks are loose and they won't tighten down from the topside. Guess we will be cutting some foam.

FS 1385

An E-mail from Flying Scot has informed me that the parts I need are no longer available. Anybody changing out their ratchets for newer models and have the old ones laying around?? Otherwise I may need to get creative with a grinder.

FS 1385


I purchased FS1468 this summer. With the boat I received a box of parts that may include the jib winch you're looking for. Give me an email address and I will send you a photo.


Thanks for the help but I am taken care of. Got the bad oe replaced the other day.

FS 1385