Gybing with spinakker

What's the best way to pull off a heavy weather gybe with spinakker?.......It's been many years since I raced Scot's.......My thinking is.....hook in new guy....jibe the main.......end to end the spin pole.........release old guy....Am I right or is there a better way?

I too instruct my crew to get the new guy under the guy hook before jibing the main in heavy air. It seems to keep the spinnaker from skying so much. (If the class allowed twings, this process would be easier and safer.)

Regarding your main question: “what's the best way to pull off a heavy weather gybe with spinnaker,” what the crew does is not nearly as important as what is done with the helm. I have two suggestions on how to learn to use your helm in jibing:

1. Read and study the answers in sailing books and videos. They are too intricate for summary, at least by me.

2. Don a life jacket, borrow a Laser, and getting out there and practice. Even in 10 or 12 knots you had better get the timing right, or you’ll be swimming. A successful heavy air jibe is all about timing and experience.


Gary Hoyt said you need to practice your tacks until they are like brief ballets. Perhaps a heavy weather jibe is like a samba, first you move a little one way, then sharply the opposite way, all the while keeping the power pushing you forward, not over.