Spin Halyard

I recently acquired an older FS.......with the "old fashioned" 2 sided halyard secured at the chain plates........What are they advantages of the newer halyard systems.........Is it better for racing to have the skipper raise and lower the spinakker?........Any thoughts anyone

I've only sailed with the "new" system so I can't say about the old one - but having the skip handle the spin halyard works great, especially if you're 2 handing. Simple and fast system.



I have been on boats with both system. Hands down the system with the halyard lead aft to the skipper is the most user friendly. It allows the skipper to raise the spinnaker, while having a good view of the entire boat, espically if you are sailing with a new crew member this will let you see things before they go really bad.

I take it that one of the crew ran the halyard in the old system and that the new systems lead the halyard aft to the skipper.

I'm kind of curious about how the 2 sided halyard worked...was it a closed loop or was there actually a line on each side with separate attachments to the spin?

My boat's older and came with a spinakker but no rig.

The 2 sided Spin halyard is simplicity at its best.......One line up one side down the other......use the appropriate halyard for port or starboard set........you don't have to move the halyard around the forestay for the appropriate set........This was the original set up on my dad's FS #369 in 1957........The newer halyard systen led aft seems to me to be better for taking the shute down ......I recently bought #820 and have upgraded the vang, mainsheet, and jib sheeting systems....I have not raced FS's since I was a teenager......I am 60 now.....I am about to upgrade the spinnaker gear and appreciate the feedback

I am in the process of upgrading my halyard to a through deck setup, run aft to the skipper. Does anybody have the exact measurements of where to drill the holes? I am only planning on running my halyard for now, but I have seen boats with the topping lift and downhaul run through the deck as well.

I read somewhere, that there is an area around the mast, where there is not balsa, but when I look under the deck, it all looks like balsa , with the possible exception of the braced section ajoining the stanchion.

If anybody has precise measurements, that would be great. Also, do you have to seal the hole with resin after you drill it? I have a through-deck bushing that I bought from Flying Scot Inc.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086