Spinnaker Pole: Off Brand

The spinnaker poles from the manufacturer cost nearly $200. I have seen generic poles online for half that. Any opinion on off brand poles or best type of pole to buy.


I recently bought a pole from Layline that is very nice........it cost 160$..........Steve Ungberg


Thanks for your reply. I was looking at the

Forespar - MINI-7 SPINNAKER POLE KIT. It is the same size as my Scot pole and is only $80


Will this work for the Scot?


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I might reconsider that pole. I used one about the same size when I bought my first Scot back in 1990 and it lasted for a very short time. The one I had bent very easily and looks very similar in size as the one you are considering. Some of the poles use lighter material and will not have good bending strength to them. I have purchased a pole directly from Flying Scot back then and I still use it to this day. Worth the extra few dollars.

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I bought a newer Scot, 1989, and reluctantly sold my 1965 with the original wood spinnaker pole. The new poles are good, but I liked the "wood" part of the old pole so decided to make my own. Chuck at the Sailboat Shop in Austin found some really nice ends for me, chrome plated brass, for $39 each. A bit pricey for just the ends, but they are AWESOME. Just touch the spinnaker ring with them and they latch on instantly. Alison and I went to Lowe's and sifted through their pile of treated 2X2's until we found a perfectly straight one with very close grain. I rounded it with my belt sander and made it a bit smaller, and tapered the ends to fit the new end pieces. Compared to an aluminum or teak pole, the treated yellow pine is awfully heavy of course, but it looks great, feels great, and I enjoy using a wood pole. I'd rather have a lighter wood, but we were already at Lowe's picking up something else and this piece is really nice. When standing on the foredeck it feels quite light, lol. The wood cost almost $3! Someday I'll buy a better piece of wood, and put the high priced ends on it, but I'm happy. If you make your own pole remember the class rules state it must be 7 feet long.

Love the Flying Scot