Rigging a boom vang?

i have a 39 year old scott that needs some work. I was looking it over and i saw there was no assembly for a boom vang. I looked on the website and learned that it is a slide car set-up on the boom, but from there i am lost. i am new to scotts and sailing for that matter. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what parts are needed and possibly how to rig it from there. thanks.


A pretty good drawing of how they are to be set up.

FS 1385

thanks. that is very helpful.

I found the unofficial Flying Scot site that Corsa has referenced very helpful. Dee and Harry at Flying Scot can also help. I have found that they know these boats so well that you end up saving money by buying upgrades from them, as you only get what you need, but you get a complete solution for whatever upgrade you are working on.

There is a good article on Kelly Gough and the boom vang, that I think is still linked from the Flying Scot Inc. site. http://www.flyingscot.com/

Greg Fisher from North also addresses the vang in his tuning guide for Flying Scots which you can find on North Sails One Design site.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

thanks for the replies. both were very helpful, i have ordeded the rig that will meet my needs and fssa legal. i just have a question about the kind of line i should use. are there some better then others to use on the boom vang? thanks.

I used 1/4 inch Trophy Braid, which is easy on the hands, but gets fuzzy on the outside pretty quickly.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I have heard of people bending their mast by leaving their vang tight when they round the windward mark and forgot to loosen it, so I use triple strand nylon for the lower attachment. So far so good! For the same reason, on my older Scot I also used braided nylon in the boom vang itself. Normally I don't use nylon for lines, but I don't like bending my masts and it worked fine. My previous Scot was 40 when I sold her.

Love the Flying Scot

actualy my scot is 40 now as well. so its time for her face lift which i am in the process of now. thanks for the advice.

B. Reed
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