Flying Scot Class Video

Just wondering if the Flying Scot class has produced a video for prospective new members/owners. Please let me know if there is such a video and, if so, how to obtain a copy.
Dan Colley

I don't know of a video produced by the FSSA; but, the builder of Flying Scots has a video/DVD that you can order. They'll send it to you for free (or close to free) if you are serious about Scots and agree to return it in their self-addressed mailer.

Check their site at for info. Call their toll-free line to order.

Take care,

- Jim Locke
- FS 4592
- Montgomery, Alabama

Thanks Jim.
Montgomery huh? I used to live in Prattville, AL about 10 years ago. I can't count how many times I launched a fishing boat at Cooter's Pond (river launch at Prattville). Where do you sail at?
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Dan C.


I sail on Lake Martin with the Dixie Sailing Club. FS Fleet #85. My wife and I plan to travel a bit with the Scot, too. The bays on the Gulf Coast, some away regattas and so forth.

It's a great place to sail. The FS fleet is in a bit of a downturn; but, it seems to be showing signs of life again. Which is great as I am looking forward to one-design racing and the Scot has turned out to be the right boat for me and my wife.


- Jim Locke
- FS 4592
- Montgomery, Alabama

As you suggesed, I contacted Flying Scot and they sent me this video for free. As you said, Jim, all they wanted me to do is to send it back after I viewed it. It's a little dated but had some great video of how to rig the boat. My Scot has had all it's hardware removed before I bought it in preparation for painting and the last owner lost interest. This video was very helpful. Thanks for the tip.[:)]

Bonny & Doug Smith

I have several videos about sailing the Flying Scot on my website, and I add more from time to time. I reluctantly sold my first Flying Scot, but only after buying the one I have now!

Here's a link to my Sailing Videos page,


Love the Flying Scot