What is the age of my Scot?

[?]I purchased FS381 last year. Is there anyone who could tell me the age of my boat? It is in awesome shape but I'm just curious of her age. Thank you.

Bonny & Doug Smith

Just a rough guess but I saw a 1963 for sale in the Scotts n Water serial number 397,

When you register with FSSA, you will get a builders certification with the year and builders name. Lots of more information and measurements.

FS 1385

Hi Corsa,

Thank you so much for this tip. I'll look forward to researching my beauty.


Bonny & Doug Smith

If you will send an email to Flying Scot, I believe they will tell you the year that it was built.


Since this question comes up constantly, they or the FSSA should put on their web page a listing of years and hull numbers.