fitting above name plate??

can anyone tell me what that little metal fitting is on the coaming of the aft deck just above the nameplate of the builder? and what it's used for?

thank always wondered!

John Blanchard FS#618

We used it for a cockpit cover that fit within the seats. There was a line that ran along the "ridge" of the cover. One end secured around the mast; the other went through the eye-fitting you refer to, and then up to cinch around the boom. This type of cover was for a Scot that would be moored and has considerably less windage than the tent covers.

I always thought it was to tie the tiller off in a straight ahead position. I have the tiller tender kit from FS, which consists of a bungie loop, but I always presumed that this fitting was made to tie the tiller, to make the boat go straight if singlehanding and you need to adjust something up front.

Before I mounted the tiller tender, I had a loop of shock cord, through the aforementioned fitting, and I would loop the free end around the tiller.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086