Boat lift?

I'm a prospective owner. I haven't been able to find any posts concerning the feasibility of keep a FS on a boatlift? Has anyone had this experience? Any particular type or brand of boatlift that would be most suitable?

Second question: As our dock is within a narrow canal system, a motor will be a must. Just how big a problem is the mainsheet getting caught in the motor? Is there any arrangement that completely eliminates this as a problem?

Thanks for your help.

Sounds like the best way is to remove the motor when it isn't needed. I have contemplated mounting a trolling motor so that it stays below the back end of the boat. but I am not convinced it would be strong enough or even needed for my sailing. as light as the Scots are, you wouldn't need much of a boat lift.

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Call Midwest Sailing to find out about lifts. They might be able to give you advice.

re keeping the mainsheet off a motor...
Flying Scot Inc. offers a conversion kit which runs the mainsheet from the end of the boom to the centerboard cap, instead of the rudderhead. There are trade-offs here - you cannot trim as close to wind, and you have to be sensitive to the load on the boom. But, when you don't have the motor on, it's a quick change to attach the mainsheet to the top of the rudderhead.

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Boat lifts are great with Flying Scots. I vacationed a week at Portage Yacht Club[1] and used one of their lifts with our boat [2]. It's nice. I'd think as long as the lift is adjusted right any will work. You could see if PYC can give you any tips. Who knows, they might even be able to connect you with the source of a lift.

[2] Picture of our boat on lift:

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1. I have my Scot on a lift, very happy with it. More than likely any lift common in your area could be adjusted to fit the Scot. Shallow water lifts are available (rectangular tanks instead of cylinders) if you need to launch in only 3' of water.
2. I have mid-boom sheeting as installed by the factory and am very pleased with that also. I always have a small outboard on the transom. Don't need the motor to leave or return to the dock when there is wind, but great when the wind dies before I get home.

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I'll soon be moving my FS to a lake marina with a floating dock configuration and I'd like to keep the boat on a lift. Are there any opinions regarding boat lift types, e.g., the pontoon-type (e.g. Hydrohoist) vs. modular (e.g. EZ Dock or Jet Dock)? Other ideas?