Just ordered!

I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the information and honest discussion on this forum. Mere minutes ago I called the factory and placed my order for a new Scot! In addition to believing that the Scot is the right boat for us, a big part of my decision was the strong class association that clearly exists. I look forward to seeing fellow owners out on the water, and hopefully even in some races. I anticipate sailing on Lake Nockamixon in southeast PA and also on Barnegat Bay in NJ.

I did a fair amount of research, much of online reading forums like this, and came to the conclusion that the Flying Scot has set the standard for performance oriented daysailers that are also good racers. I was initially concerned about an "old" design from the '50s, thinking that surely something better must exist by now, but came to the conclusion that the design was so good originally that nothing has risen to the challenge of replacing it.

Again, thanks for all of the information on this forum and I am sure I will posting some questions.

Greg & Judy

Welcome!! My wife and I sail at Lake Nockamixon! Hope to see you there this season...though I will be jealous that you have a NEW Scot!! Somehow, let's remember names and see if paths cross at the lake!


Welcome to Scot sailing. I sail at Nockamixon as well. Are you involved in the Nockamixon Sail Club? It will be fun to get Mike Noone all worked up with a Scot that's shinier than his.

I bought my Scot last summer, which had sat unused in a back yard for years. You made the right call!

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086