Vang Cleating - CMRs #58,#76

Am I correct in assuming the vang could now legally be cleated via a Waco 360, if it is the only 360 swivel cleat in the boat and is mounted as prescribed in CMR#58? CMR#58 used to say "only C.B. pennant or Cunningham" now it says "any permitted system." CMR #76 say "cleated at any location".

Bob New
FS 5143
Merritt Island Florida
Fleet Captain Fleet 179

You are correct in your assumption.

Link below is to an article in a past Sailing World with photos of a vang solution using a special Ronstan cleat which could be accessed from both sides of the boat, mounted on the centerboatd cap, which allowed the Waco to continue to be used for the centerboard cleat.

I'd like to hear more about the options for trimming with a loose rig, which is what I have. Does anyone have specific trim advice regarding those options?



I just added a Ronstan cleat like the Kelly Gough setup. I haven't tried it yet, but the vang setup on my boat was pathetic, as I had to stand up and yank, get insufficient tension, and then it would slip. I also did a cascading setup. I should be able to control it from the rail on either tack. When you are overpowered upwind, you are not standing in the middle of the boat, you are hiked on the rail. To have to move to the center of the boat to adjust it was a problem.

I had loose rig sails from Schurr.

You can check it out at the lake.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086