share photos?

i would like to share some nice shots from last friday's great sailing day on my Scot.
is there any way to do it?[?]

Great to hear from you again. I was wondering if the Flying Scot was still sailing in Israel.

Just upload the pictures somewhere on the web and link them in your posts as described in the Including pictures and fancy links in posts thread.

I host my pictures at as you can see. They are free but do have a storage and bandwith limit. So far I haven't gotten near the limits.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

Hello Claus -
i'm trying not to use "sharing" sites - i was hoping maybe the forum administrator could somehow help....[:D]
the Israeli sailing forum allows attaching photos to the notes as one unit.
Fair winds - Amir.

Thought i'd give it a try.

FS 1385

great - exactly what i mean!!!![:D]
can you explain how to?
fair winds - Amir

I posted the picture on Photobucket just like Claus mentioned. It gives you a 'Tag" that you put in your post and you get the picture. Not an expert but it was pretty easy. Just have to watch the picture size or it will take up 2 pages

Not much water in my front yard...Plenty of wind!

FS 1385

this is too difficult for me - i try to save my few left brain cells to sailing the boat....
i have very nice shots of scot sailing - i wish there was an easier way to post them in this forum - i bet everyone has nice photos to share that will add color to the forum.
it's known - "a good photo is better then a thousand words"
maybe Hank can take care of this for us??
fair winds - Amir

Corsa - your boat looks a lot like mine - same colors almost.
my deck is off-white - the blue is exactly the same.
are these the original colors?
Fair winds - Amir.

I couldn't say for sure, my deck is white, Hull is blue, it is darker now since I spent a couple of days buffing, it's just really dirty in the picture. It was taken when I first brought it home from the auction. The sails are still pretty dirty, just haven't had time to work on it much. Only had it out 3 times before my cycle crash, that put me out of commision for a few months

FS 1385

hope your'e better. i've also had my share of cycle crushes (broken wrist) and so did my dad - (broken hip & knee - ireversable dammage)
sailing is much safer - aspecially in one's front yard....[:D]
try to wash the sails in your washing machine using a cold program with no detergent. comes out real clean.
if the main doesn't fit in - a nice wash on the loan will do the job.

The washer is broke, so much for Sears Quality. Paid 900 bucks for it and it didn't last 3 years....I'd rather be out sailing, but the lakes are kinda 'stiff' right now. something about the temp only being -14 degrees or so... Guess I'll have to look at pictures for now.

FS 1385

how'd you like me to send you a couple - to help you melt the ice?

Great pictures!