Boat Name

My sister came up with the name for my recently acquired Scot, "Lucky Charm" After the summer I have had, it struck me as quite funny. After numerous personal and cash problems, and ending the summer in the hospital after a motorcycle crash, how much more luck can a guy take.

My question is, Am I asking for more bad luck or deadly karma by using the word "Lucky" on my boat??? Currently it is not named and there doesn't appear to be a name on the boat.

FS 1385

I'd say you were due for a "lucky charm"

Go for it.



Sprinkle it with Lucky Charms cereal. The birdds will come eat it, and carry any bad karma away. (Then, of course, you'll have to clean the boat...)

"Seems like they are always after me Lucky Charms" "Magicly Delicious"

FS 1385