auxiliary power

The location of my mooring in Duxbury Bay being rather crowded and almost bare as low tide approaches, I've decided to buy an electric trolling motor for singlehanding off, but mostly onto, the mooring.
I'd welcome advice re selection, mounting, onboard stowage, location of battery, etc.

I've been contemplating this myself. It seems that gas outboards work best but should be removed when not being used to allow better weight distribution and room for the boom movement. I am leaning towards an electric trolling motor modified to be out of the way when raised up, and a on-off-reverse switch mounted at the back of the cockpit. I am also thinking of a battery mounted with a remote charger so I don't have to remove the battery(s) for charging. There are some new style Gel calls that can be mounted at any angle including upside down without spilling acid.

I have a buddy with a motor on his canoe and I want to try it out and see how it does to get an idea on thrust size. Seens like they push/pull some big fishing boats with small motors tho.

FS 1385

I installed a 30lb thrust Minkota electric trolling motor into my Scot this past summer .........I also hard wired a Minkota battery charger into the boat so that I wouldn't have to carry the battery to and from the boat..........It all worked fine until the little harbor that I'm in got all filled in with weeds......The 30lb thrust motor didn't have enough power to blast thru them .....Is anybody having better luck with their motors?