restoring a 1960 built Scot

I am thinking of having my 1964 built Scot(#618)restored and brought up to a more modern on some balsa core problems (Not a lot), gelcoat worked a bit, upgrade some

- the present boat has real winches (sorry don't know how to describe them!) mounted on the wooden blocks for trimming the jib sheets......newer boats seem to have these Harken blocks......are they a ratchet type block?and to change them out to this newer type it would seem you would have to cut out the fiberglass holding the styrofoam in place under the decks then refiberglass new straps to hold the styrofoam in this what you do and has anyone had experience with this??? do people prefer the Harken Jib sheet blocks over older winches.....advantages/disadvantages of both??

thanks John

ps if i have the gel coat on the decks restored i was thinking of having all the screw holes filled in and then drill knew ones later on.......does that seem feasable and logical???


Bit confused by your post. You don't need to remove foam blocks to replace winches, or change them to Harken blocks. At least I was able to work around them.

The real question is what do you want to do with the boat? The old winches work fine for cruising, esp if there is a cam cleat in front of the winch. If you want to race seriously, then take a good look at the way racers have set up their boats, and try to play around with different arrangements to see what works for you. I don't race my Scot, so do not feel the need to optimize the handling by adding H blocks.

If you do add blocks, they can go on the old, or a new piece of wood on top of the deck. Check the setup of different styles. I've seen two/side. One for jib, the other for spin. Also one that ratchets either direction to swithc between jib and spin. Hopefully someone more familiar with the ratchets can better help you with this.

I did not have to cut the fiberglass strap holding the foam to slide it aside and work on the deck. Hopefully it will be the same for you.