FS Factory repairs vs local shipyard

Hi all, does anyone have experience with having hull repairs done at a local shipyard vs trailing a Scot back to the factory.......our scot has "some" hull separation not a lot and might consider restoring the gel coat to the deck and sides.

We live in New England (Rhode Island) and trailering the boat (#618) all the way to western Maryland seems extreme to us right now if similar repairs can be done locally. We did pick up a new trailer at the factory (FS) in August and it was somewhat a grind (we picked up our Naval Academy son in Newport at 10PM after a cruise in a Naval Academy 44 footer then drove all night to Annapolis arriving at 6AM then left for Deer Park at 7AM arriving about 11AM then back to Annapolis and stayed over night then left for RI in AM.........LONG trip .....this might be weighing on our choices for repairs to #618)

John and Monica Blanchard
Exeter, RI

Good luck on your endeavour.
My first choice (as would yours, I am sure), would be the factory.
I am sure Harry understands the problems of getting a boat to and forth for repair and won't hold it against you for getting in done closer to home.
I would ask him first if he knows anyone in your area.
Second, since you are where the snow flies and lakes freeze, I am sure there are many a fine New England glass craftsman that drive a plow truck in the winter to make ends meet, check the small local newspapers for fiberglass repair or check with some of the business' near a large marina or boat factory (hardware/ships store) and ask.
Being an old Vermonter, I would look up in the lakes region of New Hampshire...I know they are in there.
Good Luck.

To John and Monica Blanchard of Exeter, RI

Contact me off line at kleinrw@npt.nuwc.navy.mil (in Newport) and I'm sure I can help you out. I have FS 4049 in Charlestown, RI right down Rt 112 from you. I've a lot of composite experience and am a past marine surveyor.

Bob Klein
Charlestown, RI

thanks to all so far.........Bob i emailed you at NUSC.......hard to believe another Scot owner so nearby!!!