Parking for the winter

Sadly, due to a recent motorcycle accident, It is time to park the Scot for the winter. Doctor has banned my Cycle riding, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Sailing and just about everything else for 6 months to let my collarbne and ribs heal.

Any suggestions for storing (probably outside) in Minnesota winter??
I got the obvious ones covered, Good thick canvas cover, remove sails and ropes, tilt it so it has drainage, clean and wax hull and decks. but is there anything I missed?? Hope to be sailing in the spring (or when the ice thaws)

FS 1385


Sorry to hear about the cycle accident, you should stay on the water, it's safer! Reqarding storage, I too am putting LaMont away for the winter. Was reading on the Flying Scot web site that a little light gease (like a white grease) on the centerboard shaft where it bears on the wood stanchions would be a good idea. I'm asuming this would also hold true for the halyard winch too. I would think any where that wood or fiber board meet metal or rub together, a little light grease would help.

It would be nice if a couple members would post their winter check list. Admitidly, I don't have yet. And I can't image that the list would be much longer then what you have typed above.

Good luck and heal fast!

Ron D. White

Thanks! wait 'till spring!!

FS 1385