Trailerable Boat Cover

My Sailor's Tailor skirted trailing/mooring cover has given up the ghost. I'm guessing it's about 6 years old. The Army Duck cloth is fine, but all the stiching is coming apart. I recall reading in the old forum that this was a somewhat common problem. I like the way it fits, but I'm disappointed in it's life.

Therefore, before I go out and buy another cover, I'd like to get some feedback on whether any of you know if Sailor's Tailor has fixed this "problem"? How are those that have been bought in the last few years holding up? I'd also like to hear from those of you that bought the North Sails covers a few years ago on if you are happy with them. I recall that a few said they were happy when it first arrived, but are you still pleased? Any other comments would be greatly appreciated.



I recently picked up a new FS with North Sail trailering cover item # 840650 and really like it! It is a snug fit and keeps most of the rain water out. Probably should have treated it with a rain repellent, although the manufaturer didn't suggest this. Once you get a process down, it is easily taken off and put back on. Most of the seams are double stitched.

There are a couple other Scot's where I sail with a different cover and I usually see their cover off and flapping around. I don't think they are either brand (Sailor or North) So I'm thinking the North Sail was the right choice.

For what it's worth!

Ron D. White

So sailboat covers still exist? I can't find them anywhere.

To Brad Carpenter...
There was a period when Sailor's Tailor used thread which didn't last well. Once they recognized this they switched to teflon thread. They will restitch your cover for you using teflon thread, which is now their standard. I had that done and the cost was less than $100, not including shipping. I had a top mooring - trailer cover, not the skirted one.

While Sailor's Tailor will not (per earlier forum discussions) restitch the cover for free, if your cloth is still in good shape, it's your least expensive alternative.

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