Minimum depth

On a forthcoming camping trip I plan to go between two lakes connected by a river. There is also a lock half way up the river with only 18 inches of water in. Will this be enough water, with several people, coolers dogs etc? I will be using an outboard. I could kick everyone out untill we get past the shallow bit.

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Right of the Flying Scot web page "Shallow draft, great for gunkholing in shallow rivers and lakes. Launches in 12 inches of water!" You should be fine!

Let us know how you make out.

FS 5516
Grey Hare

Thanks, should be fun, 5 days camping in the Adirondacks. I've has so much fun in this old boat.


so how did your shallow water adventure go?
never sailed the ole gal in a river or channel.
mostly lake huron, michigan, or my favorite inland lake Burt.
Thanks David