Wooden mast fork on tabernacle

720200 tie-down - mast fork - front - wood - carries mast while trailering

I've had my boat a very short time and am trying to keep the wooden mast fork in place so the mast is not riding on the deck after the mast fork falls. How do you secure this part or has someone got a better approach [?]

My approach with bungi cords is not working.


Leo Loeb

The mast fork should brace itself in the tabernacle with the foot of the fork pressing against the small block of wood in the tabernacle floor. First tie the mast down to the rudder mounted support, then lash the mast from the bow eye. The compression of the mast will hold the fork in place.


I trailered the boat this weekend and just added a small line to secure the mast fork to the stainless mast step assembly and the wooden piece traveled 150 miles without incident.

Leo Loeb

Can anyone send me a pic of this setup. I use old seat PFDs and lash the mast to the fordeck.

I am confused again, I have a rubber "V" shaped plug that fits in the mast step on the front and a wooden plate that fits where the rudder goes. I put the mast in the two of theseand strap it down with a bungee on each end. The wooden dowel with the fork end on it is sitting in the bottom of the boat, not sure where to put it. I assumed it was for resting the boom during mooring (which I don't do, It sits on the trailer in the yard)

FS 1385