Centerboard Gasket Removal/Replacement

I want to replace the centerboard gasket, while the boat is on the trailer. I intend to raise the boat up a bit, via a floor jack, block-it against the trailer, and then remove/replace the centerboard gasket.
Any tips/idea from someone that has done this work would be helpful.
Richard B. Murray

Pick a cool weekend day and go to your nearest park clear of powerlines and step the mast and launch boat unto the grass.
Pull the boat on it's side with a line rigged/raised to tang on mast height and secure it with a cinder block and work away.
When finished, put a stack of blankets under where the bow will be and lower the boat. The bow is now raised for putting the trailer under and gently crank her home.
Good luck.

I replaced mine with the boat on the front lawn on the trailer. I rolled the trailer onto two pieces of 2x6 s under each wheel. My Tee Nee trailer alowed access to the centerboard area. It took two evenings after work to accomplish the task. I followed factory directions, using the boom vang hardware to strech the gasket. If anything, I wish that I had streched it even more