Swim ladder?

Hi, I was thinking of installing a swim ladder, will I have trouble with the main sheet snagging it?

Nope, it folds flat against the stern.

Excellent, I'm getting one then!

There also is one (comprised of metal wire with a step) that can be attached to the rudder. I've had this one. It is light weight, doesn't get in the way of anything, but it does take a little extra to get back up.

buy the deck handle too, worth the $ and effort

The rope "Always Ready Boarding Ladder" sold by Flying Scot Racing is not, in my view, a good solution as a swim ladder. It is quite difficult to use, especially since the natural place to grasp the boat when using it is the top of the rudder, where the stainless steel edges are actually rather sharp. Ouch! We bought one, and our kids simply could manage with it. I'm going to remove the rope ladder and get one of the telescoping kind sold by Flying Scot Inc, along with the boarding handle.

Most of our club has them, and there is a variety of weights. I think the grab handle ships with it when you buy from FS Inc. My kids love it, and I find it quite strong.

The mainsheet will not catch on it.

Measure carefully when you install it and you will have no problem.

We have had some folks in our club find that the swim ladder is invaluable in getting back in the boat after a capsize, or accidental dunking.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I just installed a swim ladder but couldn't use the first 2 holes because landed on a sloped surface underneath where the wood block transitioned to fiberglass....this position would not work for the washer/nut to hold the forward most bolt. So I recommend somehow seeing if your hole position is Ok first. Great quality products though. Positioning the swim ladder and sketching around the brackets for hole positions was a trickly job for my wife and I...better go by the instructions (with the ladder in stowed up position).

Oops, excuse me, the two misplaced holes I was referring to were for the Grab Rail, not the swim ladder. Hope that is clearer.