mystery hardware...

I recently bought FS4161 and have a question on some extra hardware that is on the boat.

I have a hole through the deck just ahead of the mast on the port side. It leads down directly to a block on a spacer at the bottom of the stancion and I believe that leads to another block at the end of the centerboard trunk then up to a cleat.

I was originally thinking this was for the spinnaker halyard but now that I look at it closer then hole through the deck and the rest of the hardware is too small for the halyard line.

I believe the up/down hauls for the spinnaker pole are all on the mast and cleated there are well.

So I'm wondering what this setup was for? At this point I am thinking Cunningham but am not sure how it would have been rigged or what I would need to get it setup again. I don't have a cunningham setup on the boat but the prior owner obviously rigged it for racing (12:1 boom vang led aft, jib seat controls, internal spinnaker lines, came with 3 sets of sails and two spinnakers) and I would think a Cunningham would have been part of the setup.

That or what I think is the downhaul is actually the Cunningham and this hardare is for the downhaul.

Any thoughts? If it helps I can post a couple of pictures of the rig.



I would be almost certain it is the spinaker halyard. The halyard line is relatively small in diameter.

" I would be almost certain it is the spinaker halyard. The halyard line is relatively small in diameter."

That was what I thought too but I unwound the spinnaker halyard from the base of my mast and it wouldn't pass through the hole/grommet in the deck. It isn't a new line on the halyard so I assume it is what has been in use on the boat.



Yeah - it has to be for the spinnaker halyard. Many halyards are as light as 5/32" these days and many are led down through the deck to a cheek block and then back to the aft end of the centerboard trunk.

I would think that it is the spinnaker halyard also. Maybe the previous owner took the "good" halyard with him and left you an older one that doesn't fit the hole.