I recently bought 1263. At our club most of the boats are launched with a crane even though there is a ramp there. MY boat has what I think is the hook up for the bridle but the previous owner was not sure about it. There is a large pad eye on the centerboard trunck around the numbers and then a heavy fitting on the back of the centerboard trunk near the floor. Is this the hook ups? Any one have any pictures of their lifting systems. I am trying to figure out if this is the lifiting system prior to buying the bridle.

Jody Abrams

Congratulations on your new boat! Yes, it is set up for a bridle- I owned the boat before Pete and launched it with the bridle multiple times.

The heavy fitting on the back of the centerboard trunk is used for one end of the bridle. The other end is on a bolt that goes through the holes in the tabernacle.

The large padeye on the centerboard trunk is for attaching the lady's aid (hand line for a 3rd crew to use for hiking.)


About 80% of the way down this page (under "Using the Hoist") is Goddard Sailing Association's instructions on attaching the bridle and lifting the Scot. [:)]

Given the importance of doing this right, I wonder why instructions are not on the Flying Scot web page along with the other rigging instructions.