Cockpit Cushions

Has anyone had custom cushions made to fit the cokpit benches for pleasure sailing? Did you make one cushion for each side or several smaller cushions? What measurements did you use? Do you use velcro or another method to ensure they stay on the bench.

From the heart of my bottom I thank you for any help you can provide[:D]

M Jones

Yes I've made custom cushions..bought closed cell foam from West Marine...(it was blue about 2'x4') I cut pieces that were ~12" wide x 1" less than seat bottom and seat back of the FS..bought some heaving duck cloth....sewed up a very tight fitting cover and used the cloth to make a fabric hinge between the two well... When slightly wet on the underside they will not slip..I also bought from REI a Thermarest seating works quite well, air filled, shrinks to a very minimal size and has a textured side that will not slip..if ya want pics of my creation..let me know
cheers, richard


I'd love to see pictures of your cushions!